1Q18 Financial Report


2017-2018 ANNUAL AUDIT

PuS Financial Regs 16March17 DB[16914] (1) PC Payments F_Y 2017_18

notice of Public Rights 21May18

accounts 2018

Ann Gov statement 2018

bank reconcoln 201718-5May2018

cert of exemptn 2018

explanation_of_variances_2017-18 3April2018

int Audit 2018

PC Asset Register 19April2018

PC 4Q 2017_18 year end 3April18

Budget PC 2018-2019 AgreedBudget, 17jan18

2016 – 2017

Annual Governance Statement: EA pg1

Accounting Statement: EA pg2

Internal Audit Report: EA pg3

Balance Sheet: EA BS

Explanation of Variances: EA Var

Notice of conclusion of audit: Notice of Audit

Annual Return: External Audit