Minutes of Annual Village Meeting on 19 June 2019

Minutes of Preston under Scar Annual Village Meeting held 19 June 2019


20 residents attended the meeting which was chaired by David Brooks (Chairman of PC)


  1. The Minutes of the Annual Village Meeting held 12 June 2019 were confirmed.


  1. A review of actions taken since the 2018 Village Meeting:

– Village Emergency Plan – a list of emergency contact numbers had been circulated to all residents

– Stanney Lease – see item 5

– Condition of Mill Hill/Moor Road verges – the PC had arranged to have these cut last year and would arrange to do so again this year.

– Cemetery – Grants are not available for the cemetery, however, the PC have funded the creation of an area for cremation urns.  It was suggested that the Cemetery regulations were reviewed in respect of the planting of bushes etc in this area.


  1. Preston under Scar Village Trust – the Trust has granted £200 each to Lillian and Elsie Hardill towards a Guide Trip to visit the World Chalet in Switzerland. The fund currently stands at £2600.


  1. Parish Council its future and value:

David outlined the options:

–     remain as a PC

  • Join another PC
  • Become a Parish Meeting


He also explained how the role of the PC has changed and that a lot of time is now spent on dealing with issues such as GDPR, Transparency Code, Governance etc.  The PC has been unsuccessful in recruiting a Clerk (in common with many other Councils) this has increased the workload for the Councillors.  There is also a lack of people willing to become Councillors (if the PC is unable to form a quorum Richmondshire DC will appoint someone.  The PC is looking into ways to alleviate these pressures eg employing an accountant to deal with VAT and HMRC, seeking a volunteer to take on maintaining the website etc.


Following a discussion covering the above issues the Meeting felt the PC was key to the Village and was firmly against becoming a Parish Meeting.  Ben Knight offered to become a Councillor.


  1. Stanney Lease:

The Lease expires at the end of October 2019.  David explained current costs for tree work is £200/300 pa.  The tree surgeon has explained that there are some 70-80 ash trees on the Stanney which will all eventually die as a result of Ash Die Back Disease.  This will result in a large bill for the felling of the trees to ensure the safety of people using the area.  If the Lease is returned to Bolton Estate they would be responsible for the trees but the right of way through the Stanney would be retained.  Following a vote it was agreed to hand the Lease back.  The PC will discuss with the Estate the issue of residents continuing to keep the paths tidy/planting new trees.


  1. RDC Consultation on Green Spaces:

A lengthy discussion took place regarding suggested areas to be included in this scheme and the benefits of this.  In view of the pressures being felt by the PC a request for volunteers to set up a Committee to work on this will be circulated to residents.


7.Village Maintenance:

Thanks were expressed to the following:

John Green for keeping the Stanney grass paths cut and tidy

Dave Amsden for mowing the verge down Light Lane

Julie Woodyer for cleaning the telephone box

Dennis MacGregor for cutting the path at the West End of the Stanney


It was agreed not to hold a “Maintenance Day” rather for people to volunteer to do maintenance jobs at their convenience and the PC would fund the cost of any materials necessary.


The issue of the “safety poles” being overgrown on Mill Hill was raised and Anna will contact Highways regarding this.


  1. Online reporting of potholes etc – Anna explained it is easy to do this on line or via the telephone.


  1. Open Forum:

Appreciation was expressed for the cutting of the verges





David Brooks – Chairman                                          Date