Agenda for Parish Council Meeting on 5 May 2021



Clerk: Linda Stevens, Tel:07778911677


You are hereby summoned to participate in the Virtual Annual Meeting via Zoom of Preston-Under-Scar Parish Council on Wednesday 5 May 2021 at 7.00pm for the purpose of transacting the following business:

  1. Election of Chairman
  1. To receive apologies for absence
  1. To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 17 February 2021
  1. To declare Councillors’ interests in items on the agenda
  1. Action taken since the last meeting

Internal Audit – following enquiry, the Internal Auditor has confirmed that no Internal audit fee should be payable.


Mechanical Gritting and Flooding/Drainage on Moor Road – awaiting  responses to the Parish Council’s requests from the last meeting, but vegetation has

recently been cleared along Moor Road and other works undertaken.


Grass Cutting Contract – DCN supplied a quote of £40 per cut for maintaining the verge along Light Lane. Following consultation with Councillors, the Clerk

has accepted this quote. DCN have also supplied a copy of their Public Liability  Insurance


Clerks Salary and expenses for February 2021 – following submission of the Clerk’s timesheet and consultation with Councillors, these have been paid.


       Reimbursement of Zoom payment for February 2021 – following submission of evidence of payment and consultation with Councillors, Councillor Brooks has  been reimbursed for this



Information Commissioner’s Office – the Direct Debit of £35 for the Council’s Registration has been take


Yorkshire Local Councils’ Association – the Council’s annual subscription has been paid.


Local Government Reorganisation – following the last meeting it was agreed that Councillors, and residents who wished to do so, should make their own submissions in

response to the Government’s consultation paper.


  1. Finance and Banking

Opening Balances as at 1 April 2021:

Current Account:  £8681.32

Savings Account: £2287.27

To consider and if appropriate resolve to make the following payments:

Payee                  Item                                            Payment type                  Amount

L Stevens            Clerk   (March /April)                          BACS                        22hrs*(March)

L Stevens            Phone/Internet (March/April)          BACS                         £20.00

BHIB                     Insurance                                             BACS                          £269.24

*Timesheets circulated to Councillors


  1. Annual Governance and Accountability Return

Annual Internal Audit report 2019/20 – The “internal” auditor has completed the Annual Internal Audit Report 2019/2020 and is circulated with the agenda. Councillors are requested to note the contents of the report (page 4 of the AGAR document).

The Annual Governance Statement 2019/20 is circulated with this agenda. Councillors are requested to consider the Statement and, if appropriate, resolve to approve it (page 5 of the AGAR document)

The Accounting Statement 2019/20 is circulated with this agenda. Councillors are requested to consider the Statement and, if appropriate, resolve to approve it (page 6 of the AGAR document)

The Explanation of Variances (including the Reserves) and the Bank Reconciliation are included with this agenda. Councillors are requested to consider and, if appropriate, to resolve to adopt them

Certificate of Exemption – Councillors are invited to consider and, if appropriate resolve, that the Council is exempt from an external audit and to complete the Certificate of Exemption and return it to PKF Littlejohn (page 3 of the AGAR document

The Proposed Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return is circulated with this agenda. Councillors are requested to determine who will act as the named contact for the purposes of the inspection of the AGAR and the accounting records (for inclusion in paragraph 2 of the notice) and otherwise consider and if appropriate resolve to adopt the notice.

Copies of the above documents will be displayed on the village notice board and on the Council’s website.

  1. Delegations to the Clerk

To consider adopting the following resolution:

In line with guidance regarding Parish Councils’ arrangements during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic recently received from the Yorkshire Local Councils       Association, pending a safe return to “face to face” Council meetings or the resumption of the ability to hold “remote” Parish Council Meetings, to the Parish Council hereby resolves with effect from 6 May 2021 to delegate to the Clerk to the Parish Council the following powers:

(1)  following consultation with Parish Councillors, to authorise payment of invoices for work undertaken for and services provided to the Parish Council,

(2) following consultation with the Chairman of the Parish Council, to do anything expedient and necessary to ensure the continuous business of the Council

on the basis that Councillors will be advised of any action taken under these powers and that such actions will be reported to the next available meeting of the Council, for recording in the minutes of that meeting.

This delegation does not modify or affect the approved signatories to the Parish Council’s bank account

The above delegation will, unless terminated earlier, terminate on 30 September 2021


  1. Asset Register

      To review the Council’s Asset Register (copy enclosed)


  1. Risk Assessment

To review the Council’s Risk Register (copy enclosed)


  1. Village Maintenance   
  • Benches
    • Progress with inspection/repair of the benches at the West End of the village and in The Stanney
    • Condition of Cemetery Bench
  • Flagpole – to consider the replacement of the village Flagpole


  1. Issues arising from the Annual Village Meeting – to consider issues arising from the Annual Village Meeting on 5 May 2021.


  1. Welcome Pack

To consider the possibility of introducing a Welcome Pack for new residents to the village.


  1. Planning Applications


New Applications

Full Planning Permission for Proposed Single Storey Extension to the Residential Dwelling at The Old Barn, Wensley Station, Preston Under Scar, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 4AG – the Parish Council had no objections to this applications

Full Planning Permission to Construct a Family Home on a Brownfield Site (as Amended Plans Received 9.3.21) at Site to South East Of Rose Tree Cottage, Preston Under Scar, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 4AH, – amended Proposal – in view of the technical nature of the amendment, no comments were submitted on behalf of the Parish Council

Full Planning Permission for Alterations to Provide a Larger Opening with Folding Glass Doors on South Side of Living Room and a Balcony at First Floor Level at Hawthorn Cottage, Preston Under Scar, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 4AQ – following consultation with Councillors, comments have been submitted on behalf of the Parish Council

Upcoming Applications: None notified

Update on Previous Applications

20/00956/FULL – Full Planning Permission to construct a family home on a brownfield site tom the south east of Rose Cottage Preston Under Scar – awaiting decision

20/0078/FULL & 20/00782/LBC – Full Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent for the demolition of existing lean-to garage and construction of lean-to porch at 2 Preston Mill, Wensley Station, Preston-Under-Scar, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 4AG – awaiting decision

20/00258/FULL -Full Planning Permission for Change of Use from Ancillary Accommodation to Hawthorn Cottage to Independent Dwelling with Extension at Croft Edge, Preston-Under-Scar, Leyburn, North Yorkshire,DL8 4AQ – planning permission granted on 23 February 2021

  1. 16. Date and agenda items for the next meeting

As usual, members of the public are invited to attend the meeting. Anyone wishing to do so should contact the Clerk as soon as possible and preferably no later than 5.00pm on the day of the meeting to enable joining instructions/ login details to be sent in good time.


Signed ……………………………….                     Date: 26 April 2021

Linda Stevens

Parish Clerk