Dales Police Report – October 2020

Dales Police Report – October 2020

Only a few incidences of note this past month;

Overnight on 29th September and again on 12th October, Leyburn Recycling Centre was again broken into and a number of car batteries were taken.

On The Springs in Middleham, at around midnight on 30th September, a car was deliberately set alight as the target of a confirmed arson attack.   Anyone with any information regarding this, please call ‘101’ quoting ref 12200171625.

Around 8pm on 6th October in Park Lane, Middleham, a group of children/young teenagers threw substantial amounts of sodden paper at the windows of properties and vehicles.  We have also heard similar reports of anti-social behaviour in Hawes in recent weeks.  Incidences like this will not be tolerated – it may be seen as ‘low level’ and a ‘bit of a laugh’ to some but sustained anti-social behaviour such as this can have serious effects on those targeted, especially the vulnerable and elderly.  This is particularly worth bearing in mind as Halloween and Mischief Night approaches!   With regard to the above, please call ‘101’ as incidents are happening or as soon as you are able.

As we go into autumn, we will be resuming Operation Byway patrols, in conjunction with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Rangers, where we will be stop-checking off-road vehicles to ensure they are roadworthy and being used in a considerate manner.

Not surprisingly, all public firework displays and community bonfires have now been cancelled.  This may mean that this year you are considering having your own event at home, so it is worth reminding yourself of safety guidelines and the Firework Code beforehand.

With regards to Trick or Treating this year, Covid restrictions would suggest that going to multiple houses door to door really is not a good idea.  Whilst there is no official guidance on Halloween from the Government as yet (THIS MAY CHANGE!).  It would surely be sensible to not partake in any activity which encourages additional interaction and increases the risk of infection within our community.  There is also the issue of going onto properties where many vulnerable people are still shielding.

We have seen a significant increase in poaching incidences being reported to us over the past few weeks including severe damage to crops, fences and gates.  Please remain vigilant and continue to report in any suspect vehicles or behaviour on ‘101’.


PCSO 3744 Lucy Osborn

Leyburn and the Dales Safer Neighbourhood Team

North Yorkshire Police