Dales Police Report July, 2020

Dales Police Report July 2020

We continue to navigate our way through these strange times, dominated by the many worrying effects of coronavirus. As more elements of ‘normal’ life begin to reopen, including pubs, shops and holiday accommodation, it is apparent that we all have increased responsibility for looking after the welfare of each other by applying some common sense to our everyday routines. Whether this be wearing face masks in enclosed public places, regular hand washing, applying social distancing, or avoiding crowds.   For the latest advice and information regarding the pandemic please go to Gov.uk/coronavirus

The following incidents of note have occurred in the Dales area this month –

Two incidents were reported in June regarding free grazing cattle on the common land above Gunnerside chasing people, one of which resulted in an injury to a local man. The Access Ranger for the Yorkshire Dales National Park has investigated the incidents and taken appropriate enforcement action by formally warning the farmer responsible for the cattle. Please report any such incidents to the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Overnight on 25th June the front doors of the Penny Garth Café and the Fish and Chip Shop on Hawes Market Place were both damaged by silicon being injected into the locks. Obscenities were also scrawled on the pavement outside them. CCTV images have been obtained of the offender, a hooded male figure in wellingtons. Enquiries are continuing to identify him. Anyone with any information should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting reference 12200108060.

We have been informed by Trading Standards of a worrying rise in courier fraud; basically where a victim is contacted by a person claiming to be from the police, informing them their account is under threat and persuades them to attend the bank, withdraw their money and a ‘police officer’ will attend their home address and take the money for safe keeping. Please be sure that you or a vulnerable relative don’t fall for this kind of theft.

Likewise we have been taking reports of other telephone scams. These have included calls from persons pretending to be from Amazon Prime, attempting to convince you to give them remote access to your personal computer, and then removing money from your bank account.  Also fake callers claiming to be from ‘Track and Trace’ informing you that you require a coronavirus test and asking for a £50 payment. Please be on your guard and don’t be a victim. Such incidents can be reported directly to Action Fraud.

The Dales are seeing increased visitor numbers, presumably due in part to restrictions on foreign travel, which is causing some community tensions. Please continue to show patience and tolerance towards each other, and remember ‘behaviour breeds behaviour’.


Julian Sutcliffe PC558

Northern Dales Neighbourhood Police Team

13th July 2020