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November 2017

Agenda: Agenda – Nov 2017

Clerks Report: Clerks Report – November 2017

Stanney Report: STANNEY REPORT

Cemetery Report: CEMETERY REPORT

Supporting documents:

Draft Budget: Cashbook 2017-2018 – Budget

Second Quarter Financial Review: Cashbook 2017-2018 – 2nd Q Review

Citizens Advice Report: Citizens Advice HR&S Annual Report 2016-2017 ver 3

West Row Traffic Signs: Scanned from a Xerox Multifunction Printer

October 2017

Agenda: Agenda – Oct 2017

Clerks Report: Clerks Report – October 2017

Supporting documents: Cashbook 2017-2018 – budget

Quarry Meeting Minutes: Quarry Meeting Minutes

Minutes: Minutes – Oct 2017

September 2017

Agenda: Agenda – Sep 2017

Clerks Report: Clerks Report – September 2017

Supporting documents: Letter to Parish Clerks 21.08.2017

Minutes: Minutes – Sep 2017

August 2017

Agenda: Agenda – Aug 2017

Clerks Report: Clerks Report – August 2017

Supporting documents: 1st Quarter Review 2017-2018

Stanney Report: aug 17 stanney report

Cemetery Report: aug 17 cemetery report

Minutes: Draft Minutes – Aug 2017

East End Development – Covering email and amended plans received from the developer:

Please find attached the following amended plans in respect of the above planning application, which have been revised following the meeting with the Parish Council:

  • Site Plan (150301-3 C)
  • Site Long Section (150301-9)
  • Tracking of Proposed Highways Layout
  • Proposed Highways Levels

The extended cross section clearly demonstrates that the proposed development will sit comfortably within the setting of the existing built form to the eastern edge of the village.  The proposed amendments also improve the access to Rose Tree Cottage, as requested by the Parish Council by slightly re-orientating Unit 1 and amending the location of parking spaces 7-10.  The corresponding previously submitted plans should now obviously be treated as superseded.

Proposed Highways Levels 16053-002-RevB

Proposed Site Plan 150301-3C

Site Long Section 150301-9

Tracking of Proposed Highway Layout 16053-TK01-RevA

Parish Council Letter of Response to RDC: PC East End Dev Comments 17august 2017

Full Planning Permission for Erection of 6 Dwellings 

Site To South East Of Rose Cottage Preston Under Scar Leyburn North Yorkshire DL8 4AH
This application will now be considered by the RDC planning committee.
There will be a site meeting by the committee at
10am on THURSDAY AUGUST 31st

Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Parish Council response to the Planning Committee 6th September 2017: PC East End Dev planning Cttee 4th Sep 2017

July 2017

Agenda meeting 4th July 2017: Agenda – 04 Jul 2017


Planning Response: PC rock cottage 14July17

June 2017

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda: 2017_Annual_Parish_Meeting_agenda

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes: 2016_Annual_Parish_Meeting_minutes

Agenda: Agenda – June 2017

Clerks Report: Clerks Report – June 2017

Application for Transparency Fund: Application for Transparency fund 2017.2918 V2

End of Year Balance Sheet: EYA – Cashbook 2016-2017 – Balance sheet

End of Year Variances for Audit: EYA – Cashbook 2016-2017 – Variances

Internal Audit Report: Preston audit 2016-17

Minutes: Draft Minutes – Jun 2017 v2

May 2017

Minutes: Draft Minutes – May 2017

Agenda: Agenda – May 2017

Clerks Report: Clerks Report – May 2017

Stanney Report: STANNEY REPORT

Cemetery Report: CEMETERY REPORT

Asset Register: PC Asset Register

Chairman’s Report: Chair 4

April 2017

Minutes: Minutes – Apr 2017

Agenda: Agenda – Apr 2017

Clerks Report: Clerks Report – Apr 2017

Supporting documents: Asset Register 16

March 2017

Minutes: Minutes – Mar 2017

Agenda: Agenda – Mar 2017

Clerks Report: Clerks Report – Mar 2017

Quarry Liaison Meeting: Quarry Meeting Minutes

February 2017

Minutes: Minutes – Feb 2017

Agenda: Agenda – Feb 2017

Clerks Report: Clerks Report – Feb 2017

Stanney Report: STANNEY REPORT

Cemetery Report: CEMETERY REPORT

January 2017

Minutes: 18 Jan 2017 – Minutes

Agenda: 18 Jan 2017

Clerks Report: Clerks Report – Jan 2017

December 2016

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June 2016

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June 2016 Clerks Report

May 2016

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May 2016 Clerks report

April 2016

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